Saturday, October 21, 2006
Ya know, its REALLY hard to stand by a band that doesnt seem to give a rats ass about their fans, but the music is no less than fucking awesome (They are by FAR my #1 band on LAST.FM) so theres nothing I can do about it. The bands *cough* manager..... FINALLY posted an update on this week.

FINALLY! The new single or album info! Could the TOUR 2007 rumours that Aftonbladet (Swedish tabloid) reported be true? Could the rumours of a new album this year as reported by Germany's RTL be true? To sum it up, no.

The groups "manager" Lasse posted an update stating that AoB has NOT been asked to participate in Eurovision and implied anyone who believed these papers were "stupid". To be fair, I have posted the update below:

"To make some information cleared, In Swedish news papers there have been roomers the last two days about Ace of Base being a possible candidate for participating in the Swedish Eurovision song contest.This is not correct!

There’s never been any official request from SVT (Swedish Television) if the band is interested to participate for Sweden in the Eurovision song contest.So to valuate if or what the band feel about a question they never received seems kind of stupid.Same thing about question about the UK! UK or I should say BBC has never requested the band to participate for them in the Eurovision song contest.

Lasse Karlsson
Written: 2006-10-12"

YEAH. Taking fans hope and entusiasm brought on by what they believed to be true and in turn calling them stupid.... REAL EFFECTIVE. Thanks for nothing.

EXACTLY a week later, THIS shows up on

"Lasse Carlsson confirmed to that "We were offered the opportunity this year, and last year as well. We were sent some songs to review, and they were good, but not fantastic. It would be sad for the fans [of the band] and for the Group's history if we had accepted one".
He went on to explain that "So many things need to be organised if Ace of Base were to enter Melodifestivalen. The strategy from Universal Music is for Ace of Base to release their music internationally and not to target the group solely at the Swedish market. We can't release something only in Sweden, and Melodifestivalen is solely about the Swedish market. If it was to be of interest to us, it would need to have a wider perspective. Remember that Ace of Bace were signed in Denmark, not Sweden".
Asked about participating in another country, perhaps the United Kingdom, was told: "We would be very interested in entering from another country. We have not spoken to the BBC but having released so many singles in the United Kingdom with success. The United Kingdom would certainly be in our thinking".

OK, So why couldnt he have said that on instead of calling everyone stupid?

Does Ace of Base even care about their fans anymore?

I can't anwser that but I certainly hope that im wrong.