Thursday, January 12, 2006
POPJUSTICE sure made my day !

Ive been predicting a pop/dance resurgance as we near the end of the decade for a while now. Ive said it many times IRL, but its good to have it backed-up so I can look back and say I TOLD YOU SO.

See, im not a complete idiot
a jerk, possibly
; )>
Anonymous Cope_Dog18 said...
I think it would be great ideed, but I personally can't see it happening here anytime soon (in our Rap taken over country of ours *gags*). I personally could do without the boybands, but the more electro godesses like Rachel, Annie, and Kylie and better ^-^.

Anonymous AARYN said...
Im not worried... POP and dance always get really HUGE again in EUrope and then finally makes it over here 2 years later...

but its a start : )>